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Guerrilla Network Marketing Book"This book is a must-read for any networking professional or those aspiring to become one."
~ Networking Times, Jan/Feb 2008

"Rock solid GMP (Good Marketing Practices) for becoming and being a successful network marketer."
~ John Milton Fogg, author: The Greatest Networker in the World

"This book helps you build confidence in marketing, which is very important because this is one of the reason to get people buy your products. For those who dont have experience in marketing, this book would be your guide to network marketing leads."
~ Emz Hemme

"Make Jay Levinson and James Dillehay’s book “Guerilla Multilevel Marketing” part of your plan because the only thing dumber than going after cold leads is going out there unprepared."
~ Daniel Greenfield

"This book is a great "workbook" for anyone in network marketing. It truly is a hands-on learning guide to help you grow the business you desire. I highly recommend to the new and the experienced network marketer."
~ Rachel Canales, Rio Rancho, NM

"I ordered three MLM books from Amazon when I joined an MLM business about two months ago. This, by far, is the best one. If you are new to networking, MLM, network marketing, get this one. It's loaded with good ideas for finding people who would be interested in being in business with you, for you and you for them. These ideas are not in the other books. (Hence "Guerrilla" marketing). The suggestions are unusual but easy to implement and have postive results. If you have ever wondered, " What do I do when I've exhausted the list of my friends, their friends and my entire warm list?" Then this book is what you are looking for. It answers your question and launches you forward on your quest to build a successful, profitable business. Plus it's well written and interesting."
~ BabyJaxmom, Lincoln, CA

"This is a great manual that I wish I had when I began my journey in this wonderful profession."
~ Kosta Gara (Kosta has earned over $12 million in network marketing in the past six years.)

"After reading many books on MLM I was pleased to see this different approach. The book gives you easy to understand instructions on how to really pinpoint and penetrate your audience. I have picked up a lot of low cost ideas and have already seen results."
~ A. Diaz "CPT" (Miami, Fl.), Amazon.com

"This is a great book and it has help me establish my business here in Las Vegas. My website ZriiVegas.com is doing great and I am getting lots of hot leads."
~ Lisa Feliciano, Las Vegas, NV

"I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and thank you for the recent conference call you were on with our team and myself. The energy you provided and the knowledge about Guerrilla Multi-Level Marketing is sure to make an incredible impact on our organization. After you were on the conference call, we had 50 people who ordered your book on our book of the month program and we are looking forward to the explosion it is sure to create. I have been in this industry (MLM) for over 22 years and I can say that this is the book the industry has needed. Having a step by step guide to create success is sure to take our team to the top in the industry."
~ Dave Swaim, President, RH&R Enterprises, Sr. Exec, TeamNexplosion, NexagenUSA, Huntsville, AL

"Jay is one of the foremost business marketing experts in the world. No one knows how to use the weapons of the trade better than industry expert Jay Levinson."
-- Entrepreneur magazine

"No matter what business you're in, Guerrilla Marketing,the Bible of lively, low-cost marketing tips, is invaluable."
-- Los Angeles Times

"Jay is to marketing what Wayne Gretsky is to hockey, Shaq is to basketball and Steve Jobs is to computers."
--Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

"Every book by Jay Levinson is worth reading."
- Jane Applegate, author of Succeeding in Small Business

"'Guerrilla Marketing' books are among the best marketing books our reviewer has ever read."
- Seattle Times

"Slam dunk! Without exception, every person who attended our guerrilla marketing seminar said it was well worth their time. Some even commented that they were glad others did not show up because now they have a jump on their competition."
- Julie Lopresti, Advertising Manager, Pacific Bell

"Ask almost any successful entrepreneur what the best book is for building a small business, and one of Levinson’s titles will surely come up."
- Entrepreneur Business Success Guide

"After ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ became a best-seller, the series took on a life of its own....irrevocably tied in with the unconventional, non-textbook, and practical wisdom of guerrilla business practices for small business."
- Home Office Computing

"A veritable plum pudding of marketing techniques and secrets."
- Los Angeles Times

Jay Levinson's Partial Client List Includes:

America Online
United Airlines
Wells Fargo
E&J Gallo Winery

Holiday Inn
Montgomery Ward
Chrysler Corp
Westin Hotels
Club Med
Hyatt Corporation
Encyclopedia Britannica
Pacific Bell
Bank of America
The Sharper Image
American Express
Peterbilt Motors
Robert Mondavi
Beatrice Foods
Old Spice
Quaker Oats
Jim beam
Midas muffler
The Mexican Government
Charles Schwab Co
Univ. of California
B.F. Goodrich
Bell South
The United Way
Arby's Roast Beef
Rolling Stone
Procter and Gamble