The 21-Day Guerrilla Action Plan is delivered to you by a series of email autoresponders, pre-programmed to arrive on a daily basis -- in a perfect world, that is.

But glitches happen on our end, on the Internet and on your system. If the situation arises that you do not receive one or more of the series, click below to access any particular day's steps.

We advise against trying to do more than one day's action steps at a time. The idea behind following a measured, focused approach is to create a mental discipline about how you work your business -- so that you experience it is a daily process that is totally do-able.

The exercise of taking steps every day for three weeks will create a guerrilla marketing mind-set so that when the series is complete, you will continue to look at ways to stay active in your business every day.

When the powers-that-be fail to deliver your emails as they should, here is the list of links to all of the days in the 21-Day Action plan.

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