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don’t know what you don’t know. What would it be like if you could discover what it is you don’t know that successful network marketers do and put that knowledge to work for you today?

Here’s something almost everyone in the network marketing industry does know: the majority of newly enrolling distributors don’t have a business background or a clear understanding of marketing. Nevertheless, recruits are still being urged to treat network marketing as a business.

Is it any wonder that new signups have a fear in the back of their mind, because they really don’t know what a business is or how to run one? How long will they linger before the fear tells them to run? Hint: 90 percent of new distributors quit their first year.

How many more distributors would stay with network marketing if they were confident in the beginning that they didn’t have to know how to run a business to succeed at network marketing? What if you could present them with a system that was easy for anyone, even someone without business experience, to learn and teach?

An obstacle for many distributors is the MLM culture of conformity—an expectation that everyone must follow the herd or be abandoned. A one-way-for-everybody attitude leaves a lot of money on the table.

The reality is that most people in network marketing do the business a little differently from each other anyway. Evidence shows that you will earn more money by teaching a system that supports variety and is suitable to different personality types. Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing offers a way to support and enable distributors to thrive using tactics they can apply their personal strengths to.

In his bestselling book, The Wave 4 Way to Building Your Downline, author Richard Poe cites a 50 percent boost in sales and 15 to 20 percent increase in retention of people when offering downline members multiple ways of prospecting.

Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing provides you with a menu of 100 marketing tactics, many of which are free and low cost. It reveals the mysterious missing piece of the network marketing puzzle. It provides a system to make marketing a clearly understood, step-by-step process.

Guerrillas map out the coming months and years which eliminates anxiety about what’s ahead. How much more could you achieve if you can replace fear of the unknown with certainty about your network marketing future?

The fastest way to clear up any confusion about what network marketing is as a business is for you to recognize that marketing is every communication you make about your product or opportunity.

As you begin to apply the guerrilla approach, you may be surprised to discover just how many communications you make every day which are, in fact, marketing opportunities.

Marketing is all about communicating and it’s all about every communication, including the way you answer your phone, the color and type of shoes you wear, and your readiness to smile and greet a stranger you just met.

Marketing includes the design of your business card and the fact that you even have a business card on hand to give someone at a moment’s notice. Marketing also includes how quickly you answer e-mails and return phone calls. It’s also about communicating consistently and frequently.

Using the guerrilla tactics in this book, you’ll discover how to breathe marketing power into all your communications. You’ll learn how to utilize the power of always-on marketing.

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