About the Authors of
Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, "Guerrilla Marketing," plus 24 other business books. His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 41 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide.

Jay taught guerrilla marketing for ten years at the University of California in Berkeley. And he was a practitioner of it in the United States as Senior Vice-President at J. Walter Thompson and in Europe as Creative Director at Leo Burnett Advertising.

Jay served on the Microsoft Small Business Council and the 3Com Small Business Advisory Board. His Guerrilla Marketing is series of books, a videotape, an award-winning CD-ROM, a newsletter, a consulting organization, an Internet website and a way for you to spend less, get more and achieve substantial profits.

James Dillehay

James Dillehay is a network marketer, author of 10 books, former magazine publisher and editor, marketing coach, and seminar leader. He is a nationally recognized expert on helping people with big dreams and small budgets generate income streams successfully.

James' books and articles have been recommended by Networking Times, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, The Whole Earth Catalog, Better Homes & Gardens, Working Mothers, The National Examiner, Country Almanac and many more. He has been listed in Who's Who of American Entrepreneurs and interviewed by The Wall Street Journal

As a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, he has helped individuals and organizations learn how to leverage their existing assets into bigger profits using guerrilla strategies.

James can help you grow a successful network marketing organization starting today. Contact James here.

Marcella Vonn Harting is an internationally recognized author, speaker, facilitator, and entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years, Marcella Vonn built two highly successful network marketing distributorships with more than 200,000 representatives worldwide.

A Crown Diamond, Marcella has achieved the highest rank in her network marketing compensation plan and is one of the top earners in her company, Marcella teaches how to achieve network marketing success in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and throughout Europe.

In network marketing, she demonstrates how creating a residual abundant income centered in health and wealth can empower balance and purpose in one's life.

Marcella Vonn is an inspirational mentor in manifesting and teaching how to achieve one's highest goals with grace, ease and fun. She resides in Paradise Valley, Arizona with her husband, daughter and son.

Jay Levinson's Partial Client List Includes:

America Online
United Airlines
Wells Fargo
E&J Gallo Winery

Holiday Inn
Montgomery Ward
Chrysler Corp
Westin Hotels
Club Med
Hyatt Corporation
Encyclopedia Britannica
Pacific Bell
Bank of America
The Sharper Image
American Express
Peterbilt Motors
Robert Mondavi Winery
Beatrice Foods
Old Spice
Quaker Oats
Jim beam
Midas muffler
The Mexican Government
Charles Schwab & Company
University of California
B.F. Goodrich
Bell South
The United Way
Arby's Roast Beef
Rolling Stone
Procter and Gamble